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Exposure full sun
Growth Rate medium
Height 1-2'
Spread 1-2'
Zone 5-9
Water Use regular
Foliage green
Flower white
Rosa 'White Drift®'
Icy Drift® Rose (White)
The pure-white flowers make their first appearance in late June and continue well into fall. They have a fantastic, spicy fragrance. This plant is a true groundcover rose created specifically for small gardens & combination planters. Its low, spreading habit also makes it the perfect choice for container gardening & hanging baskets. This rose is naturally dwarf, with very dark glossy attractive foliage. It will bloom with enthusiasm from Spring to frost. 'Drift' roses are a cross between groundcover roses & miniatures. From the groundcover rose they get their toughness, vigor, disease-resistance & winter hardiness. From the miniatures they inherited a well-managed size & repeat blooming nature. This variety also tend to be resistant to rust, powdery mildew & black spot!

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